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Mid-Century Furniture the New Contemporary

What’s this mid-century trend you may ask? If you know the MAD MEN TV series then you kind of get the basic concept of what this style endeavors, for those who are not familiar with this style, mid- century furniture is an impeccable combination of contemporary/modern look with the exploitation of wood. Lately this has been a very popular trend because it detaches from the simplicity and limited color pallet of contemporary furniture, and preserves beautiful grained wood as part of its main structure/ façade.  When it comes to seating like a sofa or accent chair this style generally possess thin/ slightly curved wood frame that holds up the leather/fabric cushions. Personally my favorite quality of this trend has to be the slim angled feet  in walnut finish, yup that same finish that most homes here in El Paso with wood wall panels were equipped with back in the 70’s/ 80’s. Most people disfavored these wood panels, however, that same finish is the attribute that defines and conveys the magnetism of  mid-century furniture.

The advantage that this trend includes is that is resilient to most home environments. In other words, if your house is not one of the newest custom homes built contemporary/traditional by a builder, do not worry because you can use this style in older homes, apartment, loft or studio. Furthermore, this style of furniture compared to contemporary and traditional allows you to use a broader selection of home decorations. I don’t know but this “New Contemporary” is one of my favorites and I definitely hope more and more El Pasoans undertake this trend.

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